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Mad Mike (the Wonder Dog) (Miguel Balderos) Interview

Mar. × ’15

(A) Hey there- (A) here. How about we start this interview by you giving a little bit of background about yourself? Where are you from, what kind of cool stuff are you interested in, what kind of music and art are you into, are there any noteworthy events from your childhood, etc…? How was it […]

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Sean Swain Interview

Sep. × ’14

(A): Hey Sean, it’s you buddy (A) here. Would you like to start off by giving a little bit of personal background (how old you are, what growing up was like, what your interests are)? Sean: I grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Anchorville. It’s gone now. It was “annexed” away, split between […]

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Jerome White-Bey 2014 (Missouri Prison Labor Union)

Jul. × ’14

(A):  I’m glad you said you’d be interested in doing an interview. I guess, let’s start with background: How old are you, what was growing up like, how long have you been incarcerated, and what did you get convicted of? Jerome: Well, I am 58 years old. I was born in St. Louis MO. Growing […]

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